Specific features of creating video commercials for social networks

Together with the development of social networks and functionality for publication media content in social networks demands to this media content change as well because we are well acquainted with these demands since the times when television prevailed as the main means of distribution of video materials. If we take advertising video clip for television, especially in the context of limited budget, then advertising providers and design studios try to put i1nto it as much relevant information (address, telephone number, website URL, and sometimes even working hours) as possible, but everything changes in social networks, and there are two main grounds for it:

First, in social networks and video hosting services contract and other information about advertised goods may be located in the description to the video. It is much more convenient for the user who got interested in the video, to get it there.

Second, the peculiarities of perception of information in social networks are also important. These include information explosion and growing number of information sources. Consequently – segmentation of information, constant work with short messages. Unfortunately, it also leads to absent-mindedness. It is getting more and more important to concentrate on the complex sentence. That is why redundant information which is not needed by the user on the stage of review (contact information or additional details of the offer) not only does no good, but also brings harm, making the viewer abandon viewing in order not to expend energy in studying offer essence.

The task of the advertising video clip in social networks is to inflame the viewer with the unique offer from the very first seconds, make him labour the subject of the offer, ultimately read the conditions listed in the video description and go to the page of provision of services.

Of course, sound is an important constituent part of video advertising. Here we can see certain specific details in the choice of material format. As you can see, the majority of the modern crucial networks (facebook, vkontakte) use autoplay function for the video materials appearing in the news feed of the viewers. Sound is automatically muted (and this is quite reasonable) but if the viewer gets interested he can turn it on during viewing. Therefore, we can draw the following conclusion: key information of the advertising message should not be included into audio, at least without dubbing it in video track with the help of typography. Moreover, if audio track has its own important function, then information should not be placed within first 10-15 seconds after the beginning of the video, because most likely the viewer makes the beginning of the clip muted.

Many of our video-patterns are created with due account of these demands, while in fact they are not proper promotional messages but just a front end, so-called teaser, or video-banner. Positive sides of such videos include high speed of aeration and simplicity of order placement.

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