Slideshow “Old Film Tape”

Each photo in this slideshow is presented as a frame of a perforated film. An old stylization and the pictures of the film make the project especially suitable for effective photograph’s portfolio designing.

Cost:   0.08 USD   (preview version sent free of charge)

Step 1

Select the number of photos in your slideshow:

15 photos
18 photos
25 photos


Terms and conditions

The existence of various effects (antique stylization, the use of film images) and well thought over design allows you to create very interesting and unusual slideshow with your favorite photos.
Each photo in the slideshow is presented as a frame of the perforated film. Stylized old movie, and the use of the image in the design of the slide show makes this project is well suited for creating video from old photos digitized. Try! Dispose your photos in more suitable sequence as you think.
Please note that this project has a totally free version that can be created from 9 pictures. Version for preview and Full HD video in free version will be totally free.
Each of us has the photos that a pleasure to watch, remembering important events of the life. Now there is not need to use any photo books for show of your photos at the best view. Thanks to Internet technologies and ready-made templates with a variety of effects and features you can make a slide show online, spending quite a bit of time. What opportunities does the template for the slide show, and how to use it to make a beautiful slideshow with your favorite photos?
Don’t forget you may add relevant music in your slideshow.