Making video slideshow online? It’s simple!

Making Slideshow Online

This brief instruction will help you to design your photos in FullHD free slideshow avoiding registration and loading any programs. You can use a ready file everywhere you want – to share with your friends and relatives, YouTube, VKontakte or Facebook, or to burn to disk and flash card for watching on TV or computer.
If you doubt that the format of a ready video does not suit you, you can download a preview version and a clean copy of one of our samples. You will evaluate the quality of the ready video until you make the order.
The first step is to choose a suitable sample of slideshow from the list here online. You can do it using different ways. You may choose the category and watch videos according to this category. You may also use online search if you want to get some concrete elements of designing or themes (use “autumn”, “winter”, “outlet”, “picture” or some other keywords).
When you have chosen an appealing kind of slideshow, click on it. Let’s consider a slideshow “Classic 2”. This simple but original design can be used in almost every theme. Clicking on this slideshow you will see variants of amount of photos:

select photo

After choosing the number of photos, let’s see what the photo downloader is.

To choose photos on your computer, press “Add photos” button. Choose photos for your slideshow in the appearing dialog box. You can add several photos or make them in order pressing “Add photos” again. The order of photos’ position in your slideshow will be in form that you want to be by adding photos using the downloader. The order looks like this:


Please pay attention to your choice: if you choose less number of photos you will not be able to continue (for instance, there are 7 photos instead of 8). After adding photos to the downloader’s order you can edit the list of the photos if you want: delete some of them (by pressing X in the upper right corner of each picture) or turn clockwise by clicking on the cursor in the middle of the miniature. After all of this, the edition is over but if you do not need it at once you may load the photos pressing “Download” button. The photos will be loaded and you will be directed to the last step.

When the necessary amount of photos is loaded you will be offered to load your own background music for the slideshow and to write an e-mail address for getting a link of the slideshow. If you leave the “Music” box empty without adding any mp3-files, the video will be made with demo-music.


We remind you that we do not save or distribute your e-mails, we also do not send any commercial offers or news to it. A link for the ready video is encoded and is available only for the customer. Original photos and the ready slideshow will be deleted from our server in some time that is defined with storage rules and sending ready orders.