Q: I made the order already long ago, and there’s still no ready video. What to do?

A: Most likely, the letter from us was included in the Spam folder,  though it occurs infrequently. If this is true – specify  your e-mail server that it was “not spam”. We don’t send advertising-information letters, never. We send  only letters relating to the acceptance and delivery of the order.


Q: How much costs preview?

A: It is free. At the order of any slideshow the version for preview will be sent you. If you don’t like it –  try to create other  template, download other photos or simply do nothing. Anyway you not  pay for preview. Payment can be only if you  will accept result on preview version, and you will want to receive high quality video, and without translucent texts overwriting Images.

Q: I accept the  version for preview. How long will it take to wait for creation the high quality video after payment?

А: If you like the version for preview and decided to pay for the high quality video, then you will receive  the link on it during two minutes after  payment. As rule, even earlier (it depends only on time passing a payment to Interkassa and delivery time e-mail). For more quick receipt of order in high quality version  we recommend to use online payments.

Q: What is codec used in finished video?

A: As a rule, we are used codec H.264. It is also free to download one can here for example.

Q: I want to change music in received slideshow. How to do it?

A: You can download your music in mp3-file format in process of order the video.  In ready slideshow the sound can’t be changed. But we recommend to read  on our website simple and short article how to change sound in video files. It is not difficult to learn it, and necessary software is  also completely free.

Q: I want to do the order, but I don’t want to receive advertising letters from you on my e-mail after it.

A: We don’t send out advertising or informative messages. Gathering and storage of e-mail addresses of our users is not performed.

Q: I upload images on your website. Who can see my photos?

A: We guarantee what your images  nobody can see excepting you. All processing is carried out without participation of operators. We don’t store the photos of clients on the website longer, than it is demanded by production of video. We also guarantee that nobody, except the client of order, don’t have access to view the finished video. Through 3 days all  information of client including his e-mail is deleted from website completely.