Slideshow “Autumn leaves”

Autumn leaves falling, opens a photo. We can create this video for you, with your photos and video, and sound.

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Terms and conditions

«Autumn leaves» is the universal template for creation slideshow using a photos taken in autumn.
Transitions between frames are decorated in the form of the falling autumn red-yellow maple leaves in this slideshow.
It is comment of our customer has already used this template: the template «Autumn leaves» is very like me, and I decided to create video from photos from our autumn family travel. I was glad to receive the first quality slideshow! It has turned out very beautiful and interesting slideshow. We are completely satisfied and our friends have appreciated him highly. You can add your caption in the end of video. Video can include 17 or 20 images. If you need any other images quantity, contact us.

This is great way to keep memories is photos. The best photos you can use for creation of different slideshows and show it to your relatives and friends. Or you just can keep your the best unforgettable memories in slideshow and from time to time to watch it remembering an excellent journey, a family holiday, or just a good day.